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Cable TPU: a Single Spark can Start a Prairie Fire
Updated: 2017-12-18 15:43 Source: PUWORLD share:
PUWORLD--Cable insulation and plastic is commonly known as cable material which includes rubber, plastic, nylon and other varieties. The customers of cable material enterprises are the cable enterprises. As long as there is demand for cable, there will be a demand for cable materials. In cable products, the insulation layer is almost always required except for the aluminium conductor steel reinforced, magnet wire and other skinned wire.

At present, there are nearly 5000 enterprises manufacturing wire and cable, and grid reformation in urban and rural areas. Besides, the development of the western region and upgraded communication facilities has a huge demand for wire and cable products. Therefore, cable material in our country has a broad market prospects.

Chart 1: marketing share of different cable segments in China in 2017

Data sources:orisage

Although thermoplastic elastomer accounts for only 2% of the total market, and TPU is also only 18% in these thermoplastic elastomers. But since that TPU mainly goes to some high-end cable industry, it has very high profits.

Figure 2: TPU cable consumption in China from 2015 to 2017 (unit: tons)

Data sources:orisage

With the environmental policy improving, cable material recycling and degradation will be huge problems. Therefore, TPU as a kind of biodegradable material has an advantage, which will keep growing in cable industry.

Figure 3: downstream distribution of TPU cable in 2017(unit: %)

Data sources:orisage

In our view, the future consumption of enameled wires of electrical equipment will continue to decline. And the proportion of power cable and communication cable will rise, which is influenced by the rapid growth of China's power and communications. This trend was expected to remain. Meanwhile, the proportion of special cable products with high added value will also increase.

With the development of special cable products, TPU, as a high-quality sheath insulation material, is bound to become a strong competitor in cable market. But the cable industry is different from the shoe material industry. The development and application of TPU in cable industry are still in the stage of developing new technology and expanding market. Various applications are new tests for TPU. Therefore, TPU manufacturers should not only consider how to perform the TPU well but also should improve TPU's modification to better serve the cable industry. In current view, TPU will still keep a significant growth trend in cable industry.


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