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Solvay Declares Force Majeure for the Supply of Polyamide 66
Updated: 2018-01-12 16:05 Source: Solvay share:

PUWORLD--On 9 January 2018, Solvay notified its PA66 contract customers that it was declaring Force Majeure as a consequence of the recent polymerisation problems in Spain and France.

There were some rather serious problems after the restarting of the polymerization at Blane's plant in Spain (42 ktpa) in December and other minor problems in the units of Valence and Saint-Fons–France. These events prevented to respect the contractual commitments and therefore the declaration of Force Majeure was inevitable. No Information on duration or allocation level is available.

The supply/demand balance which was already short in Europe reaches a critical situation with this declaration of Force Majeure. It will not only affect Europe, but could also possibly affect Asia,because Solvay export some volumes to supplement their needs in Asia.

An analysis of the impact of this Force Majeure on PA66 markets will be provided in the January edition of our Nylon Intermediates & Fibres Report, which will be published on 25 January.

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