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Wave after Wave of Increases Present in Pure MDI Prices
Updated: 2018-01-18 16:55 Source: PUWORLD share:

Pure MDI market witnessed enormous changes during 2017. Also, prices rose every 3 months, and so forth. The highest price per day of drummed goods reached RMB38,000/ton whilst the highest average price per month of drummed goods exceeded RMB33,000/ton. What’s more, the lowest average price per month of drummed goods was also quoted at RMB 23,100/ton, far above the average price of RMB 20,000/ton during previous years.

Graph1: Price Trend of Drummed Pure MDI Goods in East China from Jan.2017 to Jan.2018 (Unit: RMB/ton)

Data Source: Orisage Consulting

As mentioned in the previous article, pure MDI prices increased due to declining volume of import and improving volume of export goods; beside, frequent operating problems in units, traders’ pushing up of price hyping and control over products also made prices edged up time and again.

The output of pure MDI in domestic market remained an upward trend during 2015 to 2017 whilst Huntsman’ s new 270 ktpa units, which would start production in 2018, perhaps would lower the elevated prices and ease the tight supply.

Graph 2: Statistics of Pure MDI Output from 2015-2017 (Unit: 10,000 tons)

Now, let’s look back at the consumption of pure MDI in downstream markets. Though the market condition of sizing agent and sole resin was weak throughout 2017, with declines in the consumption of pure MDI, these two markets remained to be its major consumers; both spandex and TPU output improved with markets’ continuous pursuit and innovation of new materials in recent years. In particular, spandex market gained considerable developments this year, promoting the usage and consumption of pure MDI; some emerging downstream industries, such as MDI prepolymer, adhesive, and coating, began to adopt pure MDI as well.

Graph 3: The Proportion of Pure MDI Consumption in Downstream Markets in 2017 (Unit: %)


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