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Pure MDI price soars in winter
Updated: 2018-01-31 16:22 Source: PUWORLD share:

As the coming of the winter, price of pure MDI went up against the current. Is that for the prosperous downstream market? Or is there something wrong with supply chain?.

The increasing price of drummed pure market in 2017 was caused by“tight supply”, which still frightened the downstream market in 2018. Sometimes the order was accepted in a price, while purchased in another price. Breaking the contract costs less than producing the products, which is ridiculous.

Chart1: Daily average price of East China in January 2018 (Unit: RMB / ton)

Considering the state of the device into the price, Wanhua Ningbo phase I shut down for maintenance in 1st January, and Chongqing BASF declared force majeure on natural gas in 12th January.. Wanhua Ningbo phase II shut down for maintenance in mid-December. Up to now, the monthly average price of November rose from RMB 28061/ton to RMB 29000/ton.

Drummed pure MDI in January kept at more than RMB 30,000 / ton, and Wanhua phase I device restarted in 20th January, but pure MDI prices have risen sharply from 20th January. The spot goods was heard less in the venue, the market only has price without sales.

On current downstream market side, the operation rate of PU coatings and soles resin were relatively low, less than 50% . Spandex, TPU industry only maintained rigid demand, forming rigid support for pure MDI consumption.

On pure MDI manufacturers side, the normal production device are only Shanghai Covestro, Shanghai BASF, Yantai Wanhua, Wanhua Ningbo hase I and NPU.

Chart 2: Pure MDI shipments of domestic units in 2015-2017 (Unit: ton)

According to Orisage, the total pure MDI production increased by 60%-70% in 2017 compared with the previous year. However, some devices were affected by some external factors.. Some enterprises also increased overseas supply due to overseas business, leading to the tight supply of domestic sources throughout 2017. These-day American MDI device was heard of force majeure, and the global MDI device shows frequent instabilities, causing the great pressure in cost and sales.


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