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Covestro to Launch Made in India Sustainable Polyurethane Products
Updated: 2018-03-06 11:05 Source: Worldofchemicals share:

PUWORLD--Covestro India said that it will present a range of smart and sustainable polyurethane (PU) materials for the construction, automobile, footwear, and furniture industries.

Covestro will highlight key applications across key industries under the theme: Smart2 = Smart + Sustainability.

Covestro will launch various sustainable products based on PU technology - 1K Moisture Cure Construction Sealant - an innovative technology for real estate developers that can help expansion joints in buildings, and 1K Moisture Cure Water Proofing that provides high performance and durability for residential and commercial spaces.

“India is one of the fastest growing economies at present. While other emerging markets are slowing down, India is showing healthy growth rate of 7.5-8 percent. We see India as a big potential market for PU-based products as the penetration of these products are still low in the country. With application industries such as automobile, wood furniture, construction, etc, upgrading to new technology, the demand for the PU-based material will increase, opening up huge opportunity for us. In addition, the increasing thrust on sustainable solutions and government initiatives such as Make in India, Smart Cities and Digital India, etc. will provide further boost to the market,” said Ajay Durrani, Managing Director, Covestro India.

“Globally, we are commemorating 80 years of polyurethanes that have changed the world to provide energy-efficient refrigerators, comfortable upholstered furniture, safe car seats, protective coatings and lightweight composites. Covestro is at the forefront to drive the success story forward. With our innovative and sustainable materials we are advancing the development ofpolyurethanes to make the world a brighter place,” added Dr Kumar Iyer, Head, business unit coatings, adhesives and specialities at Covestro India.

Covestro presents all these products at Paint India 2018.

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