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New Products: Huntsman Launches Two Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
Updated: 2018-05-16 15:58 Source: Rubbernews share:

PUWORLD--Huntsman Corp. has developed two new thermoplastic polyurethanes for the footwear industry.

The Avalon DB DI range of TPUs makes it easy for manufacturers to demold, Huntsman said, and helps footwear makers improve productivity when creating injection-molded parts. The product is designed to improve cycle times and simplify the production of thick-walled parts when compared to standard injection molding materials.

Huntsman also said that cooling time is significantly reduced with Avalon, reaching demold hardness in half the time or better compared to conventional alternatives.

The Avalon 55 AHG is a soft soling material that Huntsman claims will offer improved slip-resistance on both wet and dry surfaces. The TPU has a Shore A hardness of 55 and can be used to make outsoles for a variety of footwear applications. Huntsman said it is ideal for the production of safety footwear due to its oil and petrol resistance and adherence to electro-static requirements.

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