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Perstorp丨Find a Match Capa for Polyurethanes: One Molecule Can Change Everything
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——Interview with Ms. Marie Grönborg, Executive Vice President at Perstorp Group, and Mr. Bob Wasson, Caprolactone Business Manager Asia at Perstorp Group.


We believe one molecule can change everything. So we are here to lead change towards chemistry thatadvances everyday life for the better. With our origins deep in the Scandinavian woods, we simply can’t imagine anything else.—I saw this phrase on the wall of Perstorpoffice. Founded in 1881, Perstorp has 137 years of history. I always believe that there are countless efforts within those century-old enterprises and certain specialties that keep them running. Thus, although this was the first time that this Swedish company was introduced to me, I felt Perstorp was admirable and fulfilled with mystery.

As the world's leading manufacturer of special polyols, Perstorp has a broad range of specialty polyols, among this range, the company supplies a series of Capa Caprolactone products, and Bis-MPA and Ymer special polyols products. Even in regions of the most demanding applications, the company is still able to manage their supply to create more excellent performances for coatings, adhesives and elastomers. We were honored to have the opportunity to interview Ms. Marie Grönborg, Executive Vice President and Mr. Bob Wasson, Caprolactone Business Manager Asia at Perstorp Group, and listened to their tales about the unique charm of this century-old enterprise and its special polyols of polyurethane.


Capa Caprolactone is a chemical intermediate used to improve the performance of polymers and can be used in various applications, such as polyurethane elastomer and waterborne polyurethane emulsion. Capa is used to improve performance and processability. With excellent low temperature flexibility, Capa Caprolactone gives durable outdoor performance to polyurethane materials. In addition, it has a hydrolytic resistance and a strong adhesion on those substrates that are hard to stick to. Perstorp Capa Caprolactone polyols offer the widest range of options. The Caprolactone can be customized according to specific needs of customers, giving excellent performances and qualities to final products.

“We recognize that the most important thing is to be a reliable partner, as the company embraces more opportunities and challenges. The two key components of being reliable are the production safety and the stability of product quality. Perstorp factory in Warrington, UK, has more than 40 years of experience in Caprolactone production with highly skilled professionals, who are fully dedicated to Capa Caprolactone production to ensure high products quality with good consistency under the controlled production process." Ms. Marie Grönborg said.

“To support the needs of reliable and stable supply, that is very important for this market, we have distributors with local stock and warehouses which cover most of the key regions in China, and we have our own Perstorp China warehouse as well. We do not compromise on customer demands and are constantly doing our ouost to satisfy their needs.”

Perstorp Capa Caprolactone polyols series consist of products that range from difunctional to four functional polyols with molecular weight of 240 to 8000. At present, Perstorpuses many different initiators to produce Capa Caprolactone polyols to adjust the final properties of polyurethane materials. In the field of cast polyurethane, liquid Capa Caprolactone products with multifunctional groups can be used for cast elastomers. It can improve compression , increase tear resistance, and also provide superior cold flexibility.

In the field of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Perstorp linear poly ε-Caprolactone series have relatively stable and narrow molecular weight distribution, stable reactivity and low viscosity. They can fully meet the needs of TPU producers, and mainly be used in high transparent non-yellowing film, low hardness elastomer and industrial gaskets etc. .

In the field of PU coatings, Capa Caprolactone polyols can be used in PU dispersions, high solid resins, UV curing resins and some other environmental protection coatings. Compared with apidic acid polyols, Capa Caprolactone polyols have lower viscosity, thus only a little amount of solvent is required. Therefore, Capa Caprolactone polyols meet the requirements of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)for environmental coatings, and have excellent solvent resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance.

Environmentally friendly products such as polyurethane dispersions and reactive hot-melt adhesives are growing in China. Perstorp can provide a variety of high-performance products and solutions for these industries. For example, we developed a non-ionic surfactant, Ymer, for waterborne polyurethane. It can be used in combination with the carboxylic acid surfactant DMPA (Bis-MPA) to reduce the amount of solvent and improve the dispersion stability under different conditions, such as low temperature and low PH value.

Ms. Marie Grönborg told us that Perstorp became market leader in the TPU field and other elastomeric fields since the company acquired Solvay’s caprolactone business in 2008. The development of the TPU industry in China is fast. Initially, TPU was targeted at commodity market. However, later on, along with the development of Chinese TPU industry, Perstorp’s offer of more high performance Capa products has become more relevant.

"We often have customers tell us that our price is too expensive, but what we actually bring is high value to customers, improving performance and processability. In fact, Capa Caprolactone polyols are used in highly demanding applications where lower performing polyols will not give the required properties. We care more the added value that our products can bring to customers. Therefore, we will develop our market in this direction, "added Mr. Bob Wasson.

“Founded 137 years ago as a family business, Perstorp now has more than 1,600 employees worldwide, with annual sales of 10 billion RMB. As an international company, we have production bases in Europe, North America and China and set up numerous sales centers around the world. Although we started out as a family business, we have now become a private equity company, owned by PAI Partners of France. China is an important market for us with a high growth potential. Trend wise we see big shifts in demographics but also regulation that changes quite fast. Chinese economy is growing fast, and its burgeoning middle class means increasing demand for higher-quality clothing, footwear and other products. Although the Chinese market is very cost-focused, shifting to pursing higher performance, this market trend is apparent. In recent years, China has paid more attention to environmental protection. Thus low VOC coatings and renewable products are favored, which are good development opportunities for us. We have full confidence in the development of the Asia-Pacific region and China in particular, and we hope that our high quality products, our technical expertise and partnership with our customer to strengthens their  business and give them a competitive edge will create more possibilities.” said Ms. Marie Grönborg.

Dr. Bob Wasson seemed to feel the same way as he said: “When I came to China in 2003, the sales of CAPA products in China were zero. What has struck me most over the years is that China's growth rate is truly astonishing. In Europe and North America the development period can take several years for new projects. In China however the development time can be much shorter.”


Perstorp Capa Caprolactone Polyols already has a very broad range of options. Ms. Marie Gronborg and Mr. Bob Wasson repeatedly mentioned that if the existing product can't meet the requirements of customers, their Caprolactone can be customized according to specific product needs. Whether the requirements involve environmental requirements, final performance, or manufacturing processes, Perstorp is committed to providing leading solutions.

By now, for that phrase, "We come from the deep in the forests of northern Europe, we couldn't imagine other things", I have my own interpretation: As a Swedish century-old enterprise, Perstorp’s product gives the impression of high quality and creative to people. During the development of chemical industry, it had left some monumental moments. The secret of a business's longevity is to be precise and consistent in the quality of its products, and to develop with a strong thirst for knowledge. For them, many great things are unimaginable and need to be created.


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