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Montreal Protocol will Hunt down Illicit CFC Sources
Updated: 2018-07-24 16:13 Source: Utech-Polyurethane share:

PUWRLD--Member countries of the Montreal Protocol have pledged to ‘definitively identify, quantify, locate and halt’ CFC emissions from Eastern Asia.

The pledge was made at a meeting in Vienna in mid-July. It came in response to a report in the journal Nature. The report showed that there has been an increase in atmospheric ozone-depleting chloro-fluorocarbons.

These appear to be produced illegally in Eastern Asia, according to the Nature article.

Investigation by the Environmental Investigation Agency, an NGO based in London, show some Chinese companies are using CFCs illegally in rigid polyurethane systems and in blends with polyols.

Tina Birmpili, executive secretary of the UN’s Ozone Secretariat spoke at the meeting . She said : ‘Any illegal production of CFC-11 demands decisive action…we cannot let this go unaddressed’.

At the meeting, the Montreal Protocol’s Scientific Assessment Panel will report on the rising CFC-11 emissions and produce new atmospheric models. These will show the effects of the new emissions on the atmosphere.

At the same time, the group’s Technology and Economic Assessment panel will now try to track down emissions.

Both will committees will report back to a meeting scheduled for March 2019.

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