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CO2 Moves into TPU with New Covestro Desmopan
Updated: 2018-10-12 12:34 Source: utech-polyurethane share:

Ludwigshafen, Germany – Covestro has incorporated polycarbonate polyols made with CO2 into its Desmopan TPU range. The company said this is the first time CO2 technology is being used in a TPU.

Desmopan 37385A is designed for extrusion but can be injection moulded. Its physical properties include Shore A 85 hardness, 36 MPa tensile strength and 660% elongation at break.

'The application spectrum covers typical applications of conventional TPU grades with comparable hardness. It ranges from soles and upper shoe components to sportswear, handles and knobs to packaging for sensitive electronics’, says Georg Fuchte. Covestro describes Fuchte as a TPU expert.

He added the new TPU can ‘reduce the carbon footprint of products’. They can then ‘play a pioneering role in sustainability’.

Meanwhile, Covestro is developing a Desmopan CO2 grade with Shore A 95 hardness and with a fast-curing melt.

'We are targeting applications in which economic production in short cycle times is important,’ Fruchte added.

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