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New Concrete Solution Available in Iron County
Updated: 2018-11-02 14:15 Source: ironcountytoday share:

Raise Tech, LLC recently reached its one-year milestone of providing Iron County community members with a faster, less expensive method of fixing sunken or settled concrete slabs.

Cameron Parry partnered with his wife, Jamie, and son, Zach, to create Raise Tech in July of last year after learning about polyurethane concrete raising.

“We raise and level concrete slabs, (like) sidewalks, porches, driveways, and garage pads, and save customers money so they don’t have to replace them,” Cameron Parry said. “We drill a hole into the concrete and then pump in polyurethane foam, which expands and it fills the voids and then lifts the concrete and makes it waterproof.”

Raising and leveling concrete with polyurethane foam is approximately half the cost of tearing it out and replacing it, and generally is ready for use within 15 minutes. The foams used by Raise Tech are specifically designed for concrete applications and are environmentally friendly, made of 39 to 49 percent renewable and recycled materials. In addition, raising existing concrete slabs instead of replacing them keeps excess concrete out of landfills.

Cameron and Zach Parry operate Raise Tech,LCC in addition to other jobs while growing their business. Zach Parry said they want to expand their reach while maintaining customer service as a priority.

“We want to expand and get big enough, but we want a one-on-one relationship with our customers,” he said.

Cameron Parry said they hope to fill a need in the community with Raise Tech.

“With the economy booming and expanding, we’re still trying to save people money and fill a niche so that people don’t have to tear up concrete, to help people that can’t tear it out themselves and re-pour it themselves,” he said. “We hope to get the point where we’re able to give back, be able to sponsor little league teams and events and things like that.”

Cameron Parry also said quality is a priority in their business.

“(We want to) keep the business at the community level and we want to help people with their needs,” he said. “We want to do quality work and have the best service we can do and help people save money.”

Raising and leveling concrete can help prevent safety hazards, in addition to being more cost and time effective than replacing it. It can also increase home value, prevent structural and water damage and be used in commercial and municipal areas.

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