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Technical Points

New Adhesive Technologies to Meet Higher Performance

Presentations by Bayer Polymers, Dow Chemical, INVISTA Specialties Intermediates and Nippon Polyurethane Industry will headline an adhesives-specific technical session at Polyurethanes Conference 2004

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DuPont challenges EPA claim 2004-08-16
The DuPont Co. wants a hearing before an administrative law judge about a government complaint that …
TPUs bring versatility to footwear makers 2004-08-16
Huntsman Polyurethanes' smartLite injection moldable microcellular thermoplastic polyurethane techno…

BASF's Neopor foam insulates modern passive houses in Switzerland

That modern architecture, high comfort levels and extraordinarily low energy consumption are not incompatible was proven recently by the Anliker AG, a construction company based in Lucerne, when it co

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Amerityre Issues Update on Polyurethane Tire Technology

Amerityre Corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: AMTY) announced today that it has submitted two patent applications relating to the method and process for manufacturing tires out of a polyurethane elastomer co

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Pallet elastomer mount

A pallet type mount wherein a pair of rigid members each having extensions that spacedly mesh with each other and an elastomer member secured between the rigid members so

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