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TDI Market Keeps Firm in March

With the Spring Festival coming to an end, new changes are arising in TDI market. Recently, major TDI factories have announced an rise in the price:

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The Turning Point of TDI Consumption in Auto Industry has Appeared

We are quite familiar with automobiles. Automotive interior, as a vital part of vehicles, involves every aspect inside automobiles, such as dashboards,

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Pure MDI price soars in winter

As the coming of the winter, price of pure MDI went up against the current. Is that for the prosperous downstream market? Or is there something wrong with supply chain?.

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Wave after Wave of Increases Present in Pure MDI Prices

Pure MDI market witnessed enormous changes during 2017. Also, prices rose every 3 months, and so forth. The highest price per day of drummed goods reached RMB38,000/ton

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IPO Ningwu new material: to improve quality instead of expanding blindly

Recently, here comes another good news in polyether industry. Jurong Ningwu New Materials Co., Ltd. disclosed in the CSRC prospectus, intending to launch 43million

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TPU shale pipe recover

Growth of TPU in pipe industry in 2017 is not significant, which is limited to the continuous saturation of downstream pneumatic pipe industry.

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High Prices of Polymeric MDI Decline,What Will the Market Be in a New Year?

Whether prices of black materials will further increase next year worries downstream enterprises most as 2018 is approaching.

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Cable TPU: a Single Spark can Start a Prairie Fire

PUWORLD--Cable insulation and plastic is commonly known as cable material which includes rubber, plastic, nylon and other varieties.

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TPU------Future star of sports shoes

The sneaker market has pulled through the stagflation and recession of 2011-2013. 2014-2015 is a stage to recover and the sport shoes and clothes will now enter into a growth period.

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Isocyanate Used in Track Adhesives: Knowing What It Is 2017-12-08
The ‘poisonous track’ event makes track materials a hot topic. It’s known to all that the poisono…

ChinaCoat 2017: Cornerstone of the future city - Water based coating

With the increasing demand for automotive, marine, aerospace, coil coating, transportation, train coatings and packaging, architectural and industrial coatings will remain the center of

Key Words:ChinaCoat 2017

Mainstream OEM Plants all Replace TDI With Modified MDI, What are You Waiting for?

First a steady development trend is showed in the domestic auto industry, in which the overall performance of sedan growth is stable.

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Whether Soft urniture with flexible foam polyether can keep Medium-high growth?

In the traditional process, sofas, seats and back pad were made of cotton, foam latex,steel springs or other materials. With the development of chemical polyurethane,

Key Words:flexible foam polyether

Knowledge of Modified MDI

Knowledge of Modified MDI

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Sales Modes of TDI Producers: Overview of Asia-Pacific TDI Market (Part V) 2017-09-07
Sales Modes of Major TDI Producers in the Asia-Pacific Market
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